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Play to Z Ltd

Calming Self-regulating Toys

Specially picked by author and sensory specialist Sue Gascoyne, this range of calming, self-regulating toys support children (and adults) in sitting still, listening, focusing, concentrating and calming. The following features lie at the heart of their success:

Cause and effect qualities - The ability to change things and see the impact of one's actions is very regulating. Great examples of toys which provide cause and effect opportunities include: Magic Ball Blower, light-up balls and resources, Pop Tongues, Gyro and Kinetic wheel, Gelli Play, Stretchy Snake, Chomping Dino and Shark/Dino/Croc/Unicorn Hand Puppets.

Tactile qualities - The tactile and textural qualities of resources will appeal to and affect people differently. These resources offer a wide ranging spectrum of squidgy, stretchy, squishy, soft, sticky, rubbery qualities which makes them perfect for stretching, squashing, squidging, stroking and squeezing. E.g. Puffy chick, Sticky Splats, Mega Legs, Stretchy Snake, Squidgy Unicorn, Squidgy Monster and Cheesy Mice. 

Resistance qualities - The resistance qualities of these toys and fact that a force needs to be applied to them, can be very calming and self-regulating. E.g. Stretchy Snake, Mega Legs, Pop Tongues, Gelli Play.

Cyclical/Continuous qualities - The cyclical process of these toys provides stability and calming relief. E.g. Bubble Spiral, Bubble Window, Dino Pops, Gyro Wheel.

Several of these quality sensory toys combine 2 or even 3 of these essential qualities, e.g. light-up shark and hedgehog, Hedgehog Ball, Shark/Dino/Croc/Unicorn Hand Puppet.

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